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Aussie beef brands:

Black Angus

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From the picturesque foothills of Grandchester, in the Scenic Rim Queensland, our Grandchester label was founded.  Our Angus cattle are raised on some of the best pastures in Australia, before being fed for a minimum 150 days on a diet specifically curated to create a flavour that is unmatched.  With marble scores ranging from 2+ to 6, the Grandchester Angus is a brand that will become a family favourite.

Gold Wagyu

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For one of the most unique flavoured wagyu products in the world, Grandchester Gold will leave you wanting more. This exclusive and premium beef is reserved for Costco members only, and is the result of a dedicated paddock to plate journey that begins on some of Australia’s finest grazing pastures. The cattle are then fed a specially formulated diet, that is consistently monitored and adjusted by our on-site nutritionists, to produce the highest standard of marbling possible.  With high marble scores ranging from 6- 7 the Grandchester Gold label will leave you wanting more.

Black Angus cuts

Gold Wagyu cuts

Grandchester is a picturesque hamlet at the foothills of the stunning Scenic Rim.
The Mort family were among the first settlers
in this area, and established cattle run spanning
60,000 hectares. The original property remains in the Mort family and is the reason the globally recognised and highly awarded Angus beef brand was
named Grandchester.
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